Hi there, you’ve somehow stumbled upon my Vault. I’ve exposed a part of my Obsidian vault online. Currently you’ll mostly find lecture notes from classes that I’ve taken at UPenn.

I think of my notes as a digital garden, as the philosophy page of Quartz puts it. Related ideas are linked, products are shared with everyone, and it’s free to be shaped in whatever way that best caters to the unique way a person processes thoughts and experiences. It’s a style of notetaking that finally resonates with me after searching for so long.

My hope is that the Vault will organically grow over time, with connections between notes and ideas naturally emerging over the years.

Thanks for stopping by. If anything, I hope it is interesting to look at.


People have written and made entire essays and videos about their Obsidian setup, but mine is pretty simple. I only have three top-level folders: Notes, Daily, and Wiki.

The first two are private, but Wiki contains my notes from lecture and any other topics I’m learning about. They’re mostly related to computer science, math, and graphics. They also likely contain many mistakes, so take them with a grain of salt.

I used to use many folders for organization, but it became too restricting because many folders could “own” the same note. Instead, I now primarily use tags to keep track of where I learned it from, and what topics it belongs to.