go through all the links I put down in notes tagged withpersonal-website and add them here as the collection of all websites I find cool.

I like the idea of a “digital hypertext garden” as a personal site. Probably not the first person to do it, but they built Quartz which seems like a really nice way of converting Obsidian notes (gasp! like this one) into a full-fledged website.

Overall the aesthetics are nice, there is a graph view and ability to see backlinks, and because each note/page links to so many others, it’s easy to fall into the rabbit hole.


I’m gravitating towards the idea of Quartz more and more… it would be an amazing way for my to access all my (published) notes from anywhere, and I would really have fun tinkering with things.

I’ve already downloaded a copy Quartz and copied my vault into it just to test it out. Out of the box it has basically everything I want, plus it seems customizable and extensible enough.

I can keep otherworld as its own Git repository and add it as a submodule for Quartz’s content/ folder. Also, I can deploy Quartz on Vercel, so it auto updates when I push.

A quote from the website that, while not fully related to the website, speaks on my current views about notetaking and writing:

“There is way too much upfront friction that by the time I’ve thought about how to organize my thought into folders categories, I’ve lost it.”

I’ve also seen the philosophy page and agree with all three of the points made.

Crazy ass website. I’ve explored it a few times now, but it’s still really overwhelming for me. Here are some thoughts:

  • The sheer amount of articles, posts, and research available. You can probably spend a solid few months reading and processing everything here. It’s a level of commitment and dedication that I greatly respect and hope to reach someday.
  • The bravery and confidence of putting everything you’ve researched and thought about online. I often think to myself, “no one’s going to read about this anyway” and stop myself.
  • The meta-level commentary about the changes the site has gone through, explorations of redesigns, and features implemented. I appreciate the explanations and thought process because they help me too.

While I don’t care too much about the actual content they write about, I hope they never stop posting and keep this thing going. It’s just important that a website like this exists.

I also can’t believe their site is open source. I wonder how much history and revisions must be contained in those commits…

Reinventing this blog

I like the subtle noise playing in the background. Is it a <canvas>? Is it a video? It makes the site feel more alive, but it’s so subtle. It works behind the scenes.

Everything is left aligned, which is unusual. Usually, you would want to set the x-margin to auto so that the content is the middle of the screen. I like this though. I’m doing this on my own site, just to a much lesser degree.

Clickable links are obvious (underlined). Everything is animated when you click on it. The site doesn’t have a lot of stuff to look at, but the content that is shown is clearly meticulously designed and planned out.

I enjoy the personality this one has. Every little detail is customized (callouts, footnotes, text markup, code blocks), and while some people may say it’s too much, I think it’s exactly enough, and I want to do that someday.